A Day in the Life of a World Changer-Day 8

A Day in the Life of a World Changer-Day 8

Bad Hair Day?

Ever have a bad hair day? Yeah, unless you’ve been bald all your life, you have. We all have.

My question is, besides you, who cares?! Probably nobody. And, may I suggest, if “they” DO care about your supposed bad hair day that they aren’t focused on or even know the “you” that the world really needs: that woman or man of substance, heart and great worth. That warrior within. And you are going to let what they MIGHT think (probably don’t think anyway) about you dictate or influence how you feel about YOURself and how you take on YOUR life today?!

Maybe not so much on the bad hair thing but, for far too long I have given too many people in my world too much influence over how I feel about myself and, therefore, decisions I make based on those feelings. When I think about how many times in my life I haven’t done something because I worried about being judged or looking like an idiot I get sad and feel like an actual idiot. Making decisions based on what I think people think or even actually think about me? Lame!

Here’s the deal: other than a handful of your “people,” you know who they are, who truly love you enough to kindly, but sometimes firmly, help you see what’s in your blind spot (we ALL have them!) and suggest alternatives to your set of problems, WHO REALLY CARES WHAT ANYONE ELSE THINKS?!

I am working on drowning out the voices of others, real or imagined, and focusing on what I KNOW I should be doing and becoming. I’m improving on this but…I’m not there yet.

Today’s video was me facing my fears and working on breaking free from these completely unproductive and unnecessary chains around my ambition, spirit, and future accomplishments. This was the hardest video for me to make but, unsurprisingly, the most rewarding. I did it in one take so it’s raw, real and not ready for prime time 😉  but hopefully it will mean something to you.

Here it is:



Watch the videos. Share them. Comment on them. Give me something. Tell me you hate them. Tell me you love them. What I want is feedback that will help me increase the impact I am making. And if you get inspired along the way then great. They say money talks so if you want to provide feedback financially then go here to make a donation and “talk” to me. “Talk” to the thousands of youth I am trying to reach and help.

Let’s go!

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