Making the world a better place is a lot of hard work! And while there is no substitute for hard work, money helps us expedite our mission so we can help more people more quickly.

In much of our work  tomorrow is not always guaranteed so we work with urgency and focus.

Your financial support is critical for us to be able to help accomplish our important work. We never take for granted donations and other support we receive from people like YOU. And every little bit helps:

  • Make a direct tax deductible donation to Bridges To America, Inc. by visiting here.
  • Buy our book, We Are One, written by our teenage volunteers who launched Save-A-Thon For Africa in Nigeria in May 2014. Learn more here.
  • Generate an automatic 0.5% donation from your purchases at Amazon and select Bridges To America, Inc. as your designated charity. Visit this site to set it up. Super easy!
  • If you prefer to mail a check (and help us avoid fees) please make it out to Bridges To America, Inc. and mail it to: Bridges To America, 47 South 300 East, #1, Salt Lake City, UT USA 84111

Can’t wait to have your support and keep this thing rolling! Thanks!