The mission of Bridges To America is two-fold:

1) Legally REUNITE African families to the USA by providing financial assistance for airfare and other travel expenses;

2) EMPOWER and educate young adults and youth through soccer.

We do this through two related programs: one local and one overseas.

  • Save-A-Thon For Africa was launched in 2012 by our founder and his daughter, Kylie Miles in Ghana, West Africa. This program focuses on engaging American young women to visit Africa to provide soccer-related motivation, resources, and ideas to enable African youth to solve their own problems and inspire them to take ownership of their futures. This work is now primarily conducted in Africa’s largest democracy, Nigeria, West Africa and involves soccer clinics, humanitarian work and socccer tournaments called the Bridges Cup for the local youth run by American volunteers. Eventually the company aims to build a self-sustaining Save-A-Thon School for Girls there.
  • Refugee Soccer, launched in Summer of 2016, is a unique effort here in the USA designed to connect Refugees with the Mainstream community through soccer. We employ the same engagement model we have proven in Africa to engage local refugee youth and mainstream youth here in the USA. This effort promotes mutual understanding and respect through the shared and deep love of soccer.

Bridges To America, Inc. is a registered 501c3 nonprofit organization based in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA. Tax ID: 27-2772621.