A Day in the Life of a World Changer-Day 2

A Day in the Life of a World Changer-Day 2

Habits: Great until they hold you back!

Day 2 of my change project and the rawness continues…

Thanks to everyone who reached out yesterday with kind words, encouragement and feedback. I am very blessed and it’s rewarding to know that there are people out there who appreciate me and the quest I am on. I am absolutely OK, in fact better than ever, and will not quit!

Today’s post is about habits and this phrase “Creatures of Habit” that got stuck in my head from early this morning.

Habits are great because they help us stay focused, disciplined, and moving forward…usually. I remembered today, however, that our current habits/routine necessarily exclude new things, ideas, people and activities from entering our life when these other new things may be just what we need to move forward and make our lives better. That’s the point of life, right?

I submit to you that FEAR keeps us hanging on to these habits and routines because at least we KNOW them. The thinking goes something like: “Better to stick with the things I know and understand the downside than to try something new and be horribly wrong. I don’t want to find myself with even more downside than before.” Ever feel like that?

Trying something new usually means we have to let go of something we are currently holding on to. If we don’t then we risk doing too many things and the quality with which we do those things suffers. CONFESSION: I think I am a great multi-tasker and “go-getter” BUT the truth is I kinda suck. Or at least I can do much better at working efficiently/hard and multi-tasking is a farce. And that’s OK.

The reality is that I am not happy with the results I am getting in my life now. I know that is because I am holding on to too many things: Too scared to let go. Too scared that I will miss the potential upside from my current activities. Too afraid of starting something new and REALLY pouring myself into it and making it work regardless of how hard it appears to be or actually is.

So, guess what? It is time for me to hyper-focus and I am going to have to let go of a few things. Candidly, I’m scared to let go but as I really think about it I am even more scared to continue “as is” and keep getting the same unacceptable results and miss out on the rewards (the upside) that just have to be there for me. I will report back on what I “let go” of before Christmas.

Meanwhile, watch the video and let me know your thoughts.

Watch the videos. Share them. Comment on them. Give me something. Tell me you hate them. Tell me you love them. What I want is feedback that will help me increase the impact I am making. And if you get inspired along the way then great. They say money talks so if you want to provide feedback financially then go here and “talk” to me. “Talk” to the thousands of youth I am trying to reach and help.

Let’s go!

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