A Day in the Life of a World Changer-Day 18

A Day in the Life of a World Changer-Day 18

Independence: No One Owes Me (or you) Anything!

When I fleshed out the meaning of the 7 words, principles, that make up the word BRIDGES to create this framework through which we can build “BRIDGES To Our Best” I wrote this about the “I,” or Independence.

If you don’t control your destiny, someone or something else will. Make decisions quickly before complacency & mediocrity talk you out of it. No one owes you anything.

Today’s message is from the air train at the Salt Lake City Airport.

I LOVE to fly. Like…a lot! Planning to fly 200,000 more miles to get to 2 million lifetime miles on United Airlines within the next two years. Yikes!

Meanwhile one of the key reasons I love to fly is the feeling of independence and freedom that comes with each and every flight. I can get on a plane anywhere and, with enough money, ambition, and preparation I can go literally ANYWHERE in the world. How awesome is that?!

I love the feeling of being above the world where everything seems so small and insignificant. Ironically, it is these quiet moments of flight where I actually feel my own power, capability, and significance.

What occurred to me today is this: as I try to build up BRIDGES to all it can be to help people I cannot let the tempting idea that people will support us, financially or otherwise, just because the cause is noble or inspiring. We have to find a way to provide a product, service, and/or experience that people WANT to purchase on their own because the product, service, and experience rocks! Not because I think “Gee, I’m trying to help people so why don’t you just get on board and write me a check!” That line of thinking, which by the way I have almost entirely let go of over the years, is not independent because it puts the destiny of BRIDGES and my own future success in the hands of someone else.

So, today, I will embrace my independent ability to create something that people, exactly like YOU, will want. I will be making an announcement about this by Monday. Stay tuned…

In the meantime, Here is today’s VLOG:


Watch the videos. Share them. Comment on them. Give me something. Tell me you hate them. Tell me you love them. What I want is feedback that will help me increase the impact I am making. And if you get inspired along the way then great. They say money talks so if you want to provide feedback financially then go here to make a donation and “talk” to me. “Talk” to the thousands of youth I am trying to reach and help.

Let’s go!

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