A Day in the Life of a World Changer-Day 23

A Day in the Life of a World Changer-Day 23


I love the word “BELIEVE” especially during the Christmas season. We had a sign with this simple word hanging in our home each year. It always made me think of Santa Claus and, as I got older, Jesus Christ-the Reason for the season. I still believe in both.

But this year, maybe more than ever, I am choosing to believe in another person: ME.

Believing in yourself is a gift that you can and should give DAILY. Why? With self-belief, confidence, faith, etc. you can’t help but ACT. You believe inside, where it most matters, that you can do better than you are doing currently–that if you take risks you will achieve more than you are today.

Without self-belief it is nearly impossible to start climbing that rope of life and go higher…where all the good GREAT stuff is. If you just believe that your efforts will help you become more and do more then you WILL move. Sometimes it takes longer than you, or others, want it to and is rarely neat and simple. But I promise it IS worth it.

So, if you haven’t already gotten yourself a gift this year, (who does that?! ;-), may I suggest you start believing in yourself more. YOU are awesome and if you want others to know that you have to believe it FIRST. Get goin’!

One other thought on the word BELIEVE. I am increasingly aware of the importance of being believe-able. People count on me. I feel like actually a lot of people count on me. I’ll bet you feel the same. Let’s be worthy of that belief. The “E” in BRIDGES represents ETHICS. This one is pretty simple to describe:

“If you say you will do something, DO IT! Otherwise, SHUT UP!”

Lastly, I believe in you and that the efforts I am making to show you publicly how hard, and yet how rewarding, this journey is will eventually move you in some way to support the thousands of kids we can and should be supporting and encouraging.

If you believe in our effort and, yes, in me then please donate here. And if you want something cool in return for your belief then buy a new refugee soccer shirt here.

Here is today’s VLOG:


Watch the videos. Share them. Comment on them. Give me something. Tell me you hate them. Tell me you love them. What I want is feedback that will help me increase the impact I am making. And if you get inspired along the way then great. They say money talks so if you want to provide feedback financially then go here to make a donation and “talk” to me. “Talk” to the thousands of youth I am trying to reach and help.

Let’s go!

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