A Day in the Life of a World Changer-Day 14

A Day in the Life of a World Changer-Day 14


Today was an interesting day! I had an amazing long weekend with loved ones and family and started the week off alone.

You ever feel just sort of sad after a great experience or trip? Like the day after Christmas? Or the day after a trip to Disneyland? Nothing is really “wrong” but everything was so good that even normal life feels kinda “sucky” all of a sudden.

Today was one of those days for me. We all have them, right? We can go with the flow, which sometimes makes lots of sense, or we can try and change the course of the day.

Well, today I tried to use my pre-planned run to change things up. Given the several concerning things bouncing around my brain and heart I actually had a great run (frustration = fuel) BUT my day didn’t get magically better.

I did, however learn 3 things. Check out Video 2 to see what they were.

Here are today’s messages, Part 1, before the run and Part 2, after.


Watch the videos. Share them. Comment on them. Give me something. Tell me you hate them. Tell me you love them. What I want is feedback that will help me increase the impact I am making. And if you get inspired along the way then great. They say money talks so if you want to provide feedback financially then go here to make a donation and “talk” to me. “Talk” to the thousands of youth I am trying to reach and help.

Let’s go!

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