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Our efforts to legally reunite African families to the USA all started in 2004 when our founder, Adam Miles, met an amazing African asylee who Adam describes as “perhaps the most resilient, loyal, pure-hearted man he has have ever known.” His name is Joachim Fayani. This is his beautiful family.


Around 2004, Joachim fled his home in Central African Republic (CAR) when the government he was working for as a telecom engineer was toppled in a coup. After his arrival to the USA Joachim and Adam met in a church in California and became friends. When Joachim told Adam he was living alone in the USA and that he had 6 children and a wife stuck back in CAR Adam was touched. But when Adam learned that he hadn’t seen his youngest daughter, Fabienne, for more than two years when she was just 6 months old and that he had no idea if/when he ever would Adam was “absolutely compelled” to find a way to reunite this family.

Fabienne is on the right in this photo taken in 2016.

12 years later and we are now working to reunite our ninth and tenth families. It is such a blessing to be involved in reuniting a family. Truly, what matters more?!

Read about the current case we are working on here.

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