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Save-A-Thon For Africa | Empowering and Educating Young Women Through Soccer


Our mission is to Empower and Educate Young Women Through Soccer.

Bridges To America Inc., the American nonprofit company that owns Save-A-Thon For Africa, uses soccer, the world’s sport, as the financial engine to raise funds to actively establish an empowerment and educational network for young women in Africa’s largest democracy, Nigeria.

This is our vision and general timeline:

Vision slide

Save-A-Thon will provide a cutting edge, technology-driven education platform which eventually will positively impact tens of thousands of soccer-loving girls and boys in Nigeria and the USA. The active involvement of these youth, and with the support of their parents and local leaders, will generate awareness and funding to achieve the mission of empowering and educating young women.

The long-term benefits of our mission are:

  • –Improve the lives of young women in Nigeria and throughout Africa;
  • –Provide soccer-loving youth of Nigeria multiple opportunities to master their soccer skills and get exposure to the international soccer community;
  • –Provide young women with a high quality education that enables them to reach their full potential academically and prepare them for careers and business opportunities.


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