Refugee Soccer

Promote inclusion for refugees and join our team raising funds for team uniforms.

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Refugee Soccer, launched in Summer of 2016, is a unique effort in the USA designed to connect Refugees with the Mainstream community through soccer. We employ the same service model we have used in Africa to engage local youth with American youth volunteers. This effort promotes mutual understanding and respect through the shared love of soccer.

Here in the US we work to bring both communities out of their cultural bubbles and work together to forge friendships that afford increased opportunities for both communities to improve their lives.

The youth that play on these refugee teams deal daily with major financial struggles and playing in an organized soccer program can often be the difference between reaching their full potential and perpetuating the cycle of poverty.

One of the most important emblems of “team” and structure is the uniform. We work closely with local vendors to get the best blend of quality and cost as we outfit our teams in jerseys they can be proud of, that mean something to them and that inspire them to play with maturity, sportsmanship and dignity. As those lessons are ingrained in them through the game they are able to become better citizens that get on and stay on the path to self-reliance as they make a positive contribution to the local economy and culture.

We invite you to support these teams with whatever size donation you can afford.

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Corporate sponsors should contact our CEO, Adam Miles, at 415.203.3763 or to discuss the best combination of financial support and corporate publicity and recognition.

Thank you for supporting our movement to use soccer to bring out the best of both the refugee and mainstream communities and fostering a better society for all.

P.S. The red uniforms in the picture are borrowed from an adult refugee league team.